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First Aid

Everybody should be aware of the first aid procedures, as first aid given in time can reduce the severity of the burn appreciably. First remove the heat source, look for associated trauma and remove the non sticking garments. Do not try to remove the charred clothing sticking to the skin. If the persons clothes have caught fire put out the flames by whatever means available. Do not allow the flames to spread. Lay him down quickly on the ground and wrap tightly with any thick piece of cloth. Smother the flame by gently rolling the victim or by patting over the covering.
Cool the burn with cool, clean water as soon as possible. Cool water eases the pain, removes the heat and lowers the temperature in the injured tissue. This prevents further injury to the skin. Cooling can be effective for 30 - 60 minutes after the injury. The patient must be kept warm. In extensive burns, cool for no longer than 5 minutes, especially in babies and children. Wrap the wound in a clean towel and take the patient to medical care facility for treatment.

Leave the face exposed to air. In chemical burns wash the affected part with running cold water for 10 - 15 minutes, to remove all traces of the chemical. At the same time remove any contaminated clothing. The patient should be transported without any delay to the nearest hospital.