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Latest Advances

Great strides in burn care over the last 30 years have dramatically increased the chances of survival of burn patients.Since one of the main challenges in treating acute burn injuries is preventing infection, early excising of the burn eschar and covering of the wound with biological dressing and skin grafts becomes essential. Tissue which has become non viable due to burn is excised by initial aggressive surgical debridement. Many surgical options for covering the wound bed like biological dressings and dermal substitutes have been described, although split-thickness skin grafts remain the gold standard for the rapid and permanent closure of deep dermal and full-thickness burns.
Significant advances made in the past decades have greatly improved burns patient care. Research into better infection control,better nutrition, stem cells,fat grafting, biomarkers,Cell culture suspension of individual skin cells, inflammation control, better scar management,pain control, and rehabilitation will continue to improve individualized care and create new treatment options for these patients.Burn prevention strategies are also helpful in improving overall burn care.